What is Klinefelter syndrome? How do I support a partner who has it?

What is Klinefelter syndrome? How do I support a partner who has it?

If he does have it, he very well may not know it, since many men with the syndrome go through life undiagnosed. Plus, if he were to be diagnosed by a physician, he could get treatment in the form of testosterone therapy, which could help boost his self-confidence and improve his physical appearance. They have been dating for a while now, and apparently he has never mentioned anything about it. Could you maybe have this disorder I read about on the internet? If it got to the point of an engagement, I think that would be the time to ask for a medical examination just in case. That would probably be less intrusive, but just as informative. Honestly, I think the whole question is pathetic.

Can you love a man with too many X chromosomes?

The pertinent physical exam showed a tall male who spoke softly. He was Tanner 3 for pubic hair and had a small syndrome and small testes. The rest of his examination was negative. The diagnosis of a healthy male with Klinefelter syndrome was made. As the resident and his attending physician had discussed some with the potential needs of the patient before his visit, the resident re-ordered his medications and emphasized that he should continue exercising and eating right to help with his weight.

dating early neurobiological effects of the additional X chromosome. On the basis of these previously identified cognitive features, we hypothesized that we.

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs in males when they have an extra X chromosome. Most people have 46 chromosomes. Chromosomes contain all of your genes and DNA, the building blocks of the body. The 2 sex chromosomes X and Y determine if you become a boy or a girl. Girls normally have 2 X chromosomes. Boys normally have 1 X and 1 Y chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome results when a boy is born with at least 1 extra X chromosome. This is written as XXY.

Klinefelter syndrome occurs in about 1 out of to 1, baby boys. Women who get pregnant after age 35 are slightly more likely to have a boy with this syndrome than younger women. Infertility is the most common symptom of Klinefelter syndrome.

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Treatment can help males syndrome many of dating physical, social, and learning problems that are part of dating syndrome. Males with Klinefelter syndrome.

Little is known about disclosure of diagnosis to males with Klinefelter syndrome KS diagnosed before birth or during childhood, especially in Asian context. This is an interventional and qualitative interview study with a brief self-reported survey. The study consists of three phases. In phase I, adults with KS were asked about their experiences and viewpoints toward KS disclosure and diagnosis through individual interviews.

In phase II, unaffected adolescent males were given information about KS and then asked to give hypothetical answers to a questionnaire followed by a group interview, as if they had KS. In phase III, parents of children with KS were asked to complete a questionnaire followed by a group interview which included a discussion about their disclosure plans and their concerns. The parents were provided information obtained from adults with KS and unaffected adolescent males, and were then interviewed again as a group.

We found that the most hurtful issues were discovering their infertility from KS and late disclosure. After intervention, the parents reported more confidence and less anxiety about disclosing the diagnosis to their children, and indicated that they would disclose KS at an earlier age.

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Living with Klinefelter Syndrome: Part 8 It was also at this conference, where I started dating a mom whose son was diagnosed in utero with.

Klinefelter syndrome can cause problems with learning and sexual development in guys. It’s a genetic condition meaning a person is born with it. It happens because of a difference deep inside the body’s cells, in microscopic strings of DNA what make up genes called chromosomes. Chromosomes are tiny, but they play a huge role in who we are — including deciding our gender, how we look, and how we grow.

Doctors sometimes call Klinefelter syndrome “XXY. When puberty starts and guys’ bodies begin to make sex hormones, boys with Klinefelter usually don’t produce as much of the male hormone testosterone. That doesn’t make a guy less male, but it can affect things like penis and testicle growth, and growth of body hair and muscles. Doctors think Klinefelter syndrome is fairly common.

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Klinefelter syndrome can lead to weak bones osteoporosis , varicose veins, and autoimmune diseases klinefelter the immune system acts against the body , such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. XXY males have an syndrome risk for breast cancer and cancers that affect blood, bone marrow, or lymph nodes, such as leukemia. They click to see more tend to have excess fat around the abdomen which raises the risk of health problems , heart and blood vessel disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Treatment can help males syndrome many of dating physical, social, and learning problems that are part of dating syndrome. Males with Klinefelter syndrome should be seen by a team of health care providers.

Mind you can have just begun dating with klinefelter syndrome, or the following link with klinefelter’s syndrome to get tested for chromosomal condition.

Males with Klinefelter syndrome may suffer from depression and experience difficulties with relationships. The extra chromosome is not inherited. Females born with an extra X chromosome have what is called Triple X syndrome, which is slightly different. Adult males with Klinefelter syndrome may not be able to produce enough testosterone, the sex hormone responsible for the development of male characteristics and important for maintaining bone strength, libido and fertility in men.

Their fertility is usually impaired, but newer techniques are now being developed to help overcome this in a number of cases. The small testicles may not produce enough of the sex hormone testosterone, which may explain some of the physical features, such as:. The Practice MK offers an extensive range Counselling and Psychotherapy, often called Talking Therapies to help individuals and their families to manage anxiety and depression.

Individuals and therapist may wish to discuss current or past issues affecting them, feelings they have around these issues and how these issues affect them and those around them. During sessions, individuals and therapists will look at coping strategies and methods to ensure positive outcomes for all concerned.

A rare 47 XXY/46 XX mosaicism with clinical features of Klinefelter syndrome

Learn about our expanded patient care options for your health care needs. Boys and men with the chromosomal disorder Klinefelter syndrome , or XXY male, have a new resource for treatment and medical management. A comprehensive clinic in Colorado is dedicated solely to children with the syndrome. One in every males is born with an extra X chromosome. This can lead to a range of health issues seen in Klinefelter syndrome, including infertility , underdeveloped genitals and learning disabilities.

The condition has been linked to increased risk for depression and autoimmune disorders, like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

He had some friends who liked to dating pickup basketball. The has medical history revealed he had been klinefelter 15 months before because of tall stature,​.

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What is Klinefelter Syndrome?

Because XXY males do not really appear different from other males and because they may not have any or have mild symptoms, XXY males often don’t know they have KS. In other cases, males with KS may have mild or severe symptoms. Whether or not a male with KS has visible symptoms depends on many factors, including how much testosterone his body makes, if he is mosaic with both XY and XXY cells , and his age when the condition is diagnosed and treated. Many physical symptoms of KS result from low testosterone levels in the body.

The degree of symptoms differs based on the amount of testosterone needed for a specific age or developmental stage and the amount of testosterone the body makes or has available.

New Hope for Those with Klinefelter Syndrome. The pertinent physical exam showed a tall male who spoke softly. He was Tanner 3 for pubic hair and had a.

The primary focus of this article is to attend to the psychologic features of these syndromes. Although not common, these conditions are not rare. These conditions present instances of undermasculinization and both syndromes can occur in the same individual [ 1 ]. The medical-clinical-molecular characteristics of these conditions are covered in detail elsewhere [ ].

We start with a brief introduction to the medical nature of each of these syndromes before proceeding to psychologic and social considerations. A result of potentially hundreds of genetic mutations to the androgen receptor gene [ 7 ], the AIS is manifest by a notable inability of an individual who has XY sex chromosomes to respond to androgens.

This inability occurs despite the presence of testes and typical testosterone production, transport, and metabolism [ 8 ]. Of particular consequence is the relative or complete failure of the individual to respond to testosterone or dihydrotestosterone that is crucial for the organization and activation of the anatomic and neural features that are needed for typical male development [ 5 , 9 , 10 ]. Tissue response to estrogen is present and breast development and other signs of feminization occur.

Female internal reproductive organs are missing or vestigial and Wolffian duct derivatives persist [ 2 , 5 , 6 ]. No relation between gene mutation and phenotype has been discovered. Infertility is common.

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Metrics details. During surgery, the right gonad was atrophic and removed. Histology revealed atrophic ovarian tissue. Pelvic ultrasound showed no Mullerian structures. There was however no clinical follow up and he was raised as a boy. He was slightly overweight, had eunuchoid body habitus with mild gynaecomastia.

In two studies to date, boys and men with KS were found to have a lower QoL than non-KS males in population-based samples. KS phenotype.

Klinefelter Syndrome KS is the commonest chromosomal disorder in males and the commonest cause of male hypogonadism. It affects about 1 in men, however the majority remain undiagnosed 1 , 2. Classically, it is defined by the 47,XXY karyotype, but variants exist e. It results from non-disjunction of the X chromosome, either in meiosis or mitosis.

KS boys enter puberty at the expected age with an appropriate initial rise in testosterone concentrations, but they fall by mid-puberty and hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism evolves. Testosterone concentrations in KS adults are usually in the low to low-normal range 1 , 2. Infertility in KS is a consequence of germ cell degeneration that commences in utero , progresses slowly through childhood and accelerates during puberty 1 , 2. The characteristic clinical features of KS include tall stature; eunuchoid body habitus; gynaecomastia; symptoms and signs of hypogonadism including reduced body and facial hair; poor libido; impotence; infertility and small testes 1 , 2.

The severity of cognitive and psychosocial dysfunction, if present in KS individuals, is highly variable 1 , 2 , 3. This case is of a man with a late diagnosis of KS, who had a history of learning and behavioural difficulties in his early years, and the unusual problem of increased rather than reduced libido.

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